Track Web visitors originating from offline ad campaigns

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Why choose PowerTrax?


Subdomain Tracking

A virtually unlimited number of Prefix, suffix, and vanity URL’s can all be tracked with PowerTrax. Data such as date and time, referrer, IP address, internet browser and more are logged and stored.


Subdomain Redirect

Our redirect service makes it easy to manage your PowerTrax account. After capturing a visitors critical data, like IP address, location, date and time of visit, PowerTrax redirects traffic to the clients main website.


Integrated Pixel Tracking

Visits are great but knowing which visits turn into sales...that's the secret to success. A tracking pixel embedded in the clients checkout page enables PowerTrax to report which visits resulted in sales.


Cloud Based SAAS Framework

Cloud based services offer convenience, and accessibility required for today's busy business person. Access your data anywhere anytime using our cloud based servers


Customizable Export Files

PowerTrax collected data can be custom mapped and exported in csv and XML data formats. PowerTrax can be integrated into most applications that support third party integration.


Scalable and Reliable

PowerTrax is built on Microsoft's Windows Azure Services, an enterprise class open and flexible cloud platform. This Microsoft resource enables us to scale up quickly to handle spikes in traffic.