About Us

PowerTrax was developed by PowerCloud Development. At PowerCloud we have several decades of software development experience, yet we work with the latest tools and technologies. We specialize in migrating to and developing applications in the cloud with cloud based databases. For small and mid-size companies, there is no need to build and maintain expensive server rooms and data centers. Our applications help you reduce your hardware and software maintenance fees while adding reliability for 24 X 7 support.

Other Projects


This site was created for a major electronic recycler who wanted to by electronic devices, particularly wireless phones, from consumers and businesses.

This website consists of two components; a front facing website that visitors use to sell their devices and track shipments and payments; and a backend administration tool that enables the site operator to enter all transactional data.

PowerCloud experts used ASP.net with a SQL Database, componenets of the site include an ecommerce shopping cart and affiliate tracking system.


WazzitWorth.com was created to help individuals who sell cell phones on Marketplaces, like ebay and Amazon, research sale prices. A user submits his search and the system returns sales data and individual listings for further research.

A graph displaying pricing data is created "on the fly" using a javascript graphing component integrated into the design. Data filters were also implemented enabling the user to customize the data view.

The talented developers at PowerCloud used Microsoft's Windows Azure Services to support this total SaaS site.