PowerTrax collects and stores website visitor data. It was specifically designed for direct marketing firms that use a combination of online and offline media to advertise client products and services. Data from visitors referred by offline media (i.e. television, radio, magazine) can be exported for use with third party media tracking software solutions.

Offline media ads (i.e. TV, newspaper, magazine...etc) direct visitors to a specific tracking URL. PowerTrax collects visitor data and passes the visitor to the clients main website.

EXAMPLE - The subdomain buy.myproduct.com is advertised in offline ads. When a visitor reaches that destination PowerTrax instantly collects all accessible visitor data and redirects the visitor to the clients main website.

The PowerTrax minimum monthly subscription rate is $99/month. Ten tracking units are included with each subscription. Each additional tracking unit costs $10/month. See our pricing page for more details.

A tracking unit is either a tracking URL or tracking pixel.

Yes, PowerTrax can work with any website.

A URL and Domain refer to the same thing - your main website address (i.e. www.mywebsite.com). A sub-domain or a prefix URL, as some refer to it, contains a unique identifier BEFORE the main website address (i.e. buy.myproduct.com). A suffix URL contains a unique identifier AFTER the website address (i.e. www.myproduct.com/buy). A vanity URL is an easy to remember domain name (i.e. www.buymyproduct.com).

Simply put, URL tracking logs visitor data, then redirects them to the website of your choice. The tracking data can then be fed to your reporting mechanisms, which can help determine the effectiveness of differing advertising campaigns.

PowerTrax runs on the Microsoft's Windows Azure SQL database platform. Microsoft has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The number is virtually unlimited. PowerTrax can track several subdomains, suffixes, vanity URL's and tracking pixels for each campaign.

Below is the list of data PowerTrax collects and stores on each visit: Redirection Destination Redirect Date and Time Remote IP Referrer Brower version information Geographic Location determined by IP

A tracking pixel is a small bit of code associated with a single pixel that reports the visit back to the tracking server. It is invisible to the user, but PowerTrax can utilize tracking pixels on landing pages, order pages and confirmation pages to collect data to build for sales funnel reporting.

If your reporting solution can import XML or csv files, then it will work today. The export data is mapped so only the fields you need, in the order you need are exported. We are working on building partners and will announce on this website when agreements are finalized. If you have preferred reporting software, please notify us via our Feedback page.

Contact us to discuss your project. We have a dedicated install team to assist you in your project setup. In addition to the tracking information, we have several fields available to enter your Campaign's parameters, such as networks, commercial types and more. We then build a Matrix and the mapping to export the data you need with the filtering you need. Our install team will also provide you with the DNS How To, and pixel tracking codes, depending on how your project is structured. If it sounds complicated, don't worry, we have test points along the way and our install team will guide you every step and work with your developers, network administrators or whomever you designate.

Yes, we allow you to resell the service if you are a marketing or advertising agency. If you need something custom let us know. We think you'll be surprised how low a custom tracking solution can cost.